Indeed, planting trees could help improve your home landscape. However, selecting the wrong tree might eventually cause big problems in the future. To prevent encountering such problem, check out the following tree types that you might need to avoid as you plant a tree: 


Bradford pear tree 

This type of tree could be prone to fire blight and leaf scorch. However, branch splitting is one of the biggest issues you can have with a Bradford pear tree. This tree has a v-shaped crotch and is really heavy, making them susceptible to be split. It is usual for this type of tree to become split in half, particularly during harsh weather condition. 

Black walnut tree 

This tree is usually grown because of their edible nuts and the shade they provide. However, their nut halls, roots, and buds produce particular juglone levels, which gets the required energy of the sensitive plants.  

Once garden vegetables are planted near a black walnut tree, they will more likely be susceptible to wilt or worse lead to sudden death. Sensitive vegetables include rhubarb, potatoes, eggplant, cabbage, asparagus, peppers, and tomatoes.  

Moreover, black walnuts could also affect trees such as pine, crabapple, pear, and apple. Other vulnerable plants are raspberry and blackberry bushes, some chrysanthemums, petunias, and lilies. 

Sweet Gum Tree 

Sweetgum tree is especially beautiful during the fall. Although its several spiny brown balls are a major disadvantage. There are several ways how this could lead to safety hazards and injury. You may slip and land on they while they roll. They can also be a dangerous projectile for lawnmowers. Moreover, these “gumballs” cannot be raked easily. Meaning, it is required for you to pick them up using your hands. This makes a challenging task to do for a lot of homeowners. 

Gingko tree 

Gingko Biloba trees can be found on 5 continents, which can reach up to 115 ft. These trees are quite appreciated as residential trees due to their durability. The issue comes during late fall when female trees emit a rotten smell that attaches to shoes and could be found indoors. During the seeding stage, you cannot determine between female and male varieties. Because of this, the tree becomes pestered by the foul byproduct. If you want to have a gingko tree that has no stink, you should choose the varieties of Lakeview and Autumn Gold since they are male-only.  


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